Nehemiah Scudder

My favorite author is Robert A. Heinlein, I’ve learned more about people from his books than I’ve learned from any other source.

He got tech wrong most of the time, but he rarely got people wrong.

Case in point.

In 2012, America elected a religious figure as POTUS, Nehemiah Scudder. The only part that jars is that the religious figure we elected is not Christian in nature but Leftian in religion.

What did Scudder do?

Install a religious dictatorship, as we can see, Obama is installing a religious dictatorship, it’s leftist/global warmmongery instead of Christian, but still religious in nature.

The Interregnum, where America stopped all space travel. Just like Obama.

Scudder also removed America from the international stage, just like Obama.

Our military was changed to an internal instead of an external force. Obama has been forcing combat officers out and keeping ones who say they will fire on Americans.

Did we elect Nehemiah Obama in 2012?

Just in case, call me Zeb.